Re: support for local gnome groups.

I know there are some things that can be sent around. 
Tim has some of the hard collateral and a quick e-mail
to him will get them on their way.  On several
occasions (in the early days of GNOME), we'd direct
print to a Kinko's if there was one near the location
of an expo.

Perhaps the step is to put together a resource
directory - with what's available, etc.  That cold
include speakers.


--- Erik Snoeijs <ErikSnoeijs nl gnome org> wrote:
> Now in my humble opinion the local gnome groups are
> the most important
> gnome marketing asset. Since basically they are the
> direct link to
> middle sized and small businesses and local people.
> I think that a lot of these groups could do a lot
> more if they got more
> backing from "global gnome" then just a pat on the
> back and a
> encouraging speech. (not meant as vindictive as one
> might read.)
> Now i'm not talking money. I'm talking about
> network, i'm talking about
> events where global gnome could perhaps arrange for
> a famous gnome
> person to also be there, just to have that little
> extra that will give a
> company the feel that gnome is not a "internet"
> thing but a well
> organized project that they could reliably use in
> there business.
> Also i was thinking about props. Like simple posters
> or gnome t-shirts
> that could be made in bulk for all global gnome
> groups so the cost would
> be reduced. Because getting proper props is now
> quite a expensive
> business if you don't have a sponsor.
> Good props are in my opinion essential to give a
> good first impression.
> And there are probably more ideas that could be
> realized for local gnome
> groups to further the goal of marketing the gnome
> project and supplying
> local businesses with information about gnome.
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