Re: Splash suggestion for

Steven Garrity wrote:

Andreas Nilsson wrote:

I kind of got the impression that GNOME Journal would be out soon.
It would be nice to put something like this on the frontpage the day it comes out:

Looks great.

I wonder if we should setup a page that has an archive of previous front page features and link to it from the home page. That way, if you come back to the site looking for that link you saw last week

One splash every week! Are you trying to kill me? :)

(Guadec, or whatever it might be), you might still be able to find it.

The "previous features" link could be a small/subtle (gray) link as not to distract from the current feature.

It would also be kind of fun to have an archive page where the features are easily accessible.

Steven Garrity

That sound like really neat.

Maybe it could even be connected to a rss-feed or something and show up on
(But on the other hand maybe thats kind of like forcing this down the throut of every poor bugger out there.)
- Andreas

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