Surveying Users and Developers

Hi Team 


describe nascent plans for surveying GNOME users and developers.  These
plans have lost momentum lately, and I am trying to to give them a kick
up the arse.  (Ass, for the Americans amongst us.)  To this end I have

the purpose of which should be self-explanatory.  The rationale for
having them is explained in the survey pages.  Please surf (or Cerf) to
these pages and give me your feedback (if so inclined).  Disclaimer:  I
know these pages are crap.  They are just skeletons.  I was going to
fill in some of my pet hates (and loves) but I didn't want to make the
pages into my own vehicle.

Let me see, did I remember to say they were crap?  Tell me how to make
them better.  (Or better yet, do it yourself!)



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