I'm uploading a new liveCD build, still lots in the TODO

Hey, all-

Not huge changes in this release, but I've started to do crappy
scripts to automate some of the process, and I've added a bit more
software (muine, blam, tomboy) and trimmed off a lot of stuff (tons of
python crud) so there appears to be a fair amount of space (between 60
and 120 megs) that we can play with.

Links (if someone could update the wiki, that would be great):

I'll be working with the duke mirror (torrent.linux.duke.edu) to put
up torrents when I get back from miami.

If you want to download, play, and help out, there is still a ton of
work linked to from the wiki ToDo page- I'm afraid I sucked too much
today to get the new revision of the GNOME Intro onto the CD, but I'll
definitely collect anything that gets sent in while I'm in Miami and
roll another one next weekend.


P.S. Someone from blender approached me at LWE; they want to do an
animated mascot for us to put on the CD. Hopefully that comes out
cool- the work he was already showing off was great, and all done in
gimp, inkscape, and blender.

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