Re: crap--> Desktop Summit


Sri Ramkrishna wrote:
> Apparently, there is a conference called "Desktop Summit".  It's located
> in San Diego from Feb 9-11 2005. (eg today)
> Alas, I had no idea this thing existed. :/  If we can get volunteers
> perhaps we can give out cds or something?  Novell is there, so maybe we
> can pull some strings.

I had heard about this before. Isn't it the conference sponsored
primarily by Linspire? IIRC, last year they asked a local
association to plan it (to give it credibility), and then
replaced the original schedule with a Linspire based one

I had contacted them about a month ago, and got no answer. I
think that's for the best.


        David Neary,
        Lyon, France
   E-Mail: bolsh gimp org

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