Re: slashdot: linus says "use kde"

On 12/14/05, Santiago Roza <santiago roza thymbra com> wrote:
> > As jdub would roughly put it "Don't Panic".
> well i never said we should panic, but it's something we should be
> keeping an eye on.

I don't see a reason to Panic.
This flamewar has been going on for ages and will never end.
So yes, Linus voiced his opinion on the flame-war.That does not mean
all GNOME users are going to drop GNOME and switch to KDE.

First,Geeks read Slashdot.
The intelligent geeks know how to separate a genuine news article from
something which was copy-pasted from a mailing list post.

Another point is Geeks as computer users today are a minority.So if
you are looking at the bigger picture(99.9% of the desktop market)
then the geek-factor diminishes.

At this point, I need to ask myself.
Q) Is GNOME making users dumb ?
A) Yes.

Q) Is it good ?
A) Yes.

If GNOME wants to cater to the "bigger-picture" then yes, GNOME
"usability" is on the right track.Sure, some geeks might abandon you
for more "uber" DE's but in turn you will be embracing a lot more
users who are scared of other Desktop Environments.

just my 2 penny.

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