Re: collecting negative reviews

> I don't think this is of much value to the developers. They do tend to
> read web site comments when we do major releases, so reiterating the
> comments doesn't help them much.

i don't know which developers do read this stuff and which ones don't,
so this list was supposed to be a summary of all that.

it wasn't just "reiterating the comments" but compiling them; what i
read was 100x bigger than my list.

> Some analysis of what opinions are
> representative, and/or what leads people to these opinions, might be
> useful, but that's a big job that would normally happen over at
> usability gnome org, and would normally involve two-way communication
> with users.

i think there was some of that analysis in my compilation (i didn't
just paste everything), but there weren't many ways to achieve two-way
communication with the people who posted these suggestions /
complaints / etc.

> Most of the stuff at the end of this list is outlying stuff that does
> not belong in any overview.

and that's why i put that in the end and labeled it "not so common
and/or relevant"  :)

> If this process is going to work in future, I guess that developers
> would like to see
> - Top 3 major negative perceptions. (and maybe which of our "target
> markets"/personas those affect most)

i've included a top 5; is that too much?  about the markets/personas,
well... most of these comments come from pretty much the same
"persona" (young techie who reads sites like slashdot).

Santiago Roza
Departamento I+D - Thymbra
santiago roza thymbra com

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