Re: real marketing or just catchy slogans?

En/na Dave Neary ha escrit:

> I forgot (although I think we should choose another
> name). A community promotion site is essential for all this.

Why the GNOME promotion can't fit in In my opinion
without prefixes should be mainly a GNOME promotion site: about, facts,
success stories, press releases, marketing materials, merchandising,
GNOME promotion kit, gateways to the next layout of collaboration with
the GNOME project... (all of them with prefixes: foundation, developer,
art, live, planet and so on).

I was thinking what are the GNOME entry points. should be the
main one but there are more.

In my own case ('early adopter' could be my label) I remember and looked like the access points.
What do you think about these sites? Then the GNOME Hispano meetings and
the GUADEC. never gave much to me as an interested user.

The planet was also interesting if you wanted to feel part of, even if
it was just by following it. Some posts were too technical but they
looked cool, specially when they attached colored code or graphics  ;).
Some other looked to me offtopic offGNOME but since this is an open
community I guessed this was allowed, I thought.

Now I guess I'm inside and I have lost the perspective.

The entry points, we need to take care of them.

Quim Gil -

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