Re: real marketing or just catchy slogans?

> Well said, and I concur.

cool!  one reply, and it wasn't an insult!  :P

> I suspect the reason we are doing what we are doing is because
> we have no concrete ideas on how to find out what people want.

i, on the other hand, suspect we're doing what we're doing because we
have no concrete idea on who "people" are, nor we feel like settling
that  :)

it'd be great if we would discuss the pros and cons of targeting
different markets (or niches, to be more precise), considering our
objectives (spreading gnome).

for example:
- journalists (couldn't help it, being one myself): tough nuts to
crack, but they can reach thousands.
- distro team leaders: even tougher nuts to crack, but we could at
least focus on convincing the ones that are using gnome already, to
give it proper credit.  for this, we'd need more than effort and good
intentions, but the endorsement of some HUGE names (i'm thinking the
board of directors + rms if we're really lucky).  and if they refuse,
WE should use their brands in our site (like "ubuntu is powered by
- hackers/developers/geeks/whatever (one of google's tactics, like
someone said before).
- and so on ...

but until we figure out where to target our marketing efforts, i don't
see much of a point in making those efforts.

there's so many more things i'd like to discuss, but i think this is a
good start.

> I think a well worded critique is probably a good to have once
> in awhile to determine our progress and whether we are on the
> right track.

well worded?  cool, i was afraid my sloppy english would get in the way  :)

> I'm happy to hear that GNOME Journal is reaching out to people
> and is clearly an excellent marketing tool.

well, i think it got to it through newsforge or slashdot or something
like that, but still...

Santiago Roza
Departamento I+D - Thymbra
santiago roza thymbra com

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