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News run fast.

I'm forwarding this fot he parts of the email that are not related to
the collaboration proposal. :)

We are busy enough setting up the GUADEC site and we have no intention
of making use of a Drupal based task manager...

Quim Gil - http://desdeamericaconamor.org
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You're all people who seem to be working on Drupal-based community marketing 
web sites. Well, that's to say you're from GNOME (GUADEC 2006), 
SpreadFirefox, CivicSpace and SpreadOpenOffice.org

I'm currently leading (in a loose, no-time-to-do-so sense of the word) the 
effort to set-up SpreadKDE. One of the main items we want to get in place, 
but which Drupal completely lacks at the moment, is task management. It's 
something I'm guessing you might be interested in as well. We urgently need 
this to move on from a wiki TODO page for our marketing team, and in the long 
term we hope it will get more people collaborating on promotion tasks.

You can see the kind of module we want to build here:

It will be useful for any kind of group organisation. I'm emailing you in the 
hope that we might collaborate on this, largely because we currently have 
nobody able & willing to work on this. We may be able to swing some funding 
for it, but until that happens I've been relying on poorly received posts to 
the Drupal forum (i.e. no response, not negative responses).

I'm always keen to get supposedly-competing projects to work together a bit 
more, so to me this is two good opportunities rolled into one. If you could 
contribute any Drupal hackers, money or enthusiasm then let me know!


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because they are mistaken as spam. If this happens, 
please e-mail me at: telex4 yahoo com

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