Re: GNOME's Target Markets


Sriram Ramkrishna wrote:
How many of you visit the gnome web page regularly?  My guess is
maybe once a month?  Why?  Because it's not the center of GNOME
activity.  Planet,, and other areas are the primary
places I go to for GNOME koolaid.

Webalizer's been running on various sites for some months now (Ross Holder did the necessary after I asked in June):

The home page gets 200,000 unique visits per month, and the entire (plus project pages, subpages, some blogs) gets over 1,000,000 unique visits per month.

I thought I'd throw that in there since we're talking about the website. We have a huge potential audience if we improve our message, and inject some fun & community into


Dave Neary
bolsh gimp org
Lyon, France

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