'powered by ubuntu' in the liveCD artwork

Andreas, others-

After some discussion with Marcus last night, I think I'd like to get
a version of the artwork with out the 'powered by Ubuntu' stuff that
we've been adding in. Andreas, do you think you could do this? We'll
credit Ubuntu less obtrusively and more specifically somewhere in the

My reasoning: any logo indicating 'powered by' is inevitably going to
be seen by some as an endorsement by gnome of one distro or another,
which we should not do, and takes focus away from GNOME and the liveCD
(where it should be) to the core distro. When I first suggested it,
Ubuntu was the only option, and frankly I was very grateful to them
(and still am!), but they will not be the only option for long. As
soon as other devent options are available, this will only increase
the perception that we are endorsing one option over another, which is

At some point, if we move into the 'installing a base OS', this will
become problematic again; I'm honestly unsure what to do there, except
perhaps work with the neutral public distro (aka debian) and get their
packages and liveCD in a shape we can use. But then again, I don't
really want to bear that support burden, so maybe that is a problem
we'll never have ;)

Sorry to change my mind about this critical issue so late in the game-

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