Re: crappy first cut at 2.11.92-ish CD

On 8/24/05, Marcus Bauer <marcus bauer gmail com> wrote:
> > * totem can't launch the music and video files for some reason.
> some reason is a default video sink set to Xv. Autodetect seems to work
> fine. No Xv works too.

So you just twiddled the gconf key then?
> > * no language CDs yet, nor have I publicized how to do that.
> There was a request from a french Linux magazine to get one for there
> next issue. I have put considerable time into getting a 2.11 liveCD into
> an overall usable state and fully translated to french (as far as GNOME
> is translated). Lots of fine tuning by hand. If you are francophone, you
> can get it here:
> 584960000 Bytes
> md5sum:
> md5sum -cv gnome-livecd-2.12-i386-fr-4.iso.md5sum
> And it includes the simple menu editor.

smeg, you mean?

> > * screensaver does not point at the right files. [gnome-screensaver,
> > please do a release so seb can package it! please! :)
> and gscreensaver locks the screen till eternity :(

Blah. We'll have to punt it then, unless William or Rodrigo have any
suggestions on that. Will there be a release soon, guys?



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