Re: Will GNOME 2.12 Release Notes Include (User) Screenshots?

Nigel Tao wrote:
> Hi.  I hear that you're a little busy right now, but I was wondering if
> the 2.12 release notes will feature user (rather than official "this is
> what the new Nautilus looks like") screenshots, as 2.8 did:
> The 2.10 release notes didn't have them, and I was wondering if that was
> for a particular reason, or if it was just nobody got around to
> organizing it (and are there then a volunteer's shoes to fill)?

Yes, it was just a lack of time. CCing marketing-list, in case someone
else has thought about it for 2.12 already. It'd be great if you took
charge of this.

The release notes probably wouldn't mention them, but they'd be linked
from the 2.12 page.

> I was thinking of just starting a page on - would that
> fly?  Or would it be better for me to throw it over to

I'm not sure what's the best place for them. I guess that
couldn't handle the traffic. Someone else might have a better idea.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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