The GNOME Tour is meant to show what the GNOME Desktop _software_ is and
the important things that it can do. This is for new users and requires
us to imagine how they feel when discovering GNOME.

I started the text some time ago, and now I have the build structure
working, so it puts the HTML online (guess where, but don't link to it
yet, please) and allows people to translate it via .po files. Many
thanks to Danilo:

However, I doubt I'll have time to finish this in time for the GNOME
2.12 release, so I'd like someone else to take over ownership. That
1) Writing a little more text, and/or improving what's there.
2) Adding some screenshots.
3) Getting feedback from people and making improvements. Give people a
deadline for feedback.
4) Declaring it string-frozen and asking the gnome-i18n to translate it.
Tell them in advance when it will be string-frozen.

I think you can feel quite free, though I think this requires a native
English speaker. I'd personally hope that the writer 

- does not use wishy-washy vague language. Instead, stick to the facts,
and explain what's on the screen. Let them see how simple and good it
is, without always telling them what to think.

- does not use overly-verbose language. It isn't a high-school essay, so
you should be concise and try to be interesting. Don't repeat yourself
in different words just to fill up the paragraph.

- does not try to make minor things seem more impressive than they are.

- does not get technical. Remember these users don't know their Word
from their Windows.

Any volunteers? I hope this is the start of a regular thing. We can
review it for every release.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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