Re: Some poster ideas

Seb, your posters are really nice looking.  The light image above dark
text is very nice looking.

I like the two you designed "for yourself" the most.  If the goal is to
draw people in, I think they are the most effective.

If the "Gentleman's Desktop" is sexist/elitist, I think it's the fault
of the text, not the picture.  I think we could find a better slogan to
go with that image.

I like the image.  As a viewer, it looks like he's serving something of
high value or importance to me.  Being served, high value, and me.
These are good concepts to get somehow attention!

Maybe the text should convey something like "here is your opportunity to
be served" or "here is your opportunity to get something great."  


May I suggest another poster design?  It would take the world map from
your other work[1] and combine it with something along the lines of:

"850,000 Users, 124 Countries, 34 Languages, 1 Bitchin' Desktop"

Only perhaps with a different adjective. :)  (these numbers are made up,

The idea here is: "Something *big* is happening, it's worth a look." and
also (picture an upside-down pyramid for this) "This huge project, all
these people, all these countries... are all about THIS one computer
right here." ... which is the laptop sitting on the table below the
poster, ready for the person to play with.  Perhaps we could put that
map image as a screensaver or desktop background to complete the theme.



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