I work for a project called OpenAdvantage (bad excuse for a website
www.openadvantage.org) whose broad aim is to encourage the use of free &
open source software in the West Midlands (and longer term the whole of
the UK).

At the moment we're in the startup phase (3 new staff start on Monday
and as yet the refurb on our offices isn't finished yet - should be
interesting). Things should really start to kick off next year.

Anyway, within our broad aim of marketing foss we're happy to help as we
can with marketing gnome, but we have to keep in the narrow scope of the
west midlands (we are so good we get to be broad and narrow at the same

One way we might be able to help is if there is ever another linux expo
in the NEC[1], then we could help any project in the .org booth with kit
to demo on, flyer printing, publicity, etc.


[1] There was one earlier this year, and a LinuxWorld due in Sept that
has been postponed til march 2004 (or cancelled we don't know which).

Paul Cooper                      |  Tel: 0121 331 7858
Assistant Director               |  Fax: 0121 331 7859
OpenAdvantage                    |  http://www.openadvantage.org

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