Re: Components we need

Roozbeh Pournader wrote:
> I went through the LDML specification, and it seems that we need lots of
> components just to be able to handle CLDR files properly.

Yes. It would be useful to have most of this on the wiki.

> 1) Unicode Sets: <>

Can't we define an easy-to-handle subset of these, for the moment?
Something that covers [a-p r-v z đ ć č ž š {lj} {nj} {dž}]
but nothing more fancy than that.

> Also, we would need an index from Unicode characters names to their
> codes, since the Unicode Sets also allow syntax like \N{EURO SIGN} to
> refer to U+20AC.

Already exists as part of GNU gettext (libuniname).

> 2) Number Format Patterns:
> <>
> These are used in formatting numbers and currencies, and seem to come
> from Java.

A parser for a good portion of these is already in GNU gettext, file
format-java.c. But the library code that interprets these format strings
needs to be written.

> 7) POSIX regular expression handling: This is needed for handling
> "yesexpr" and "noexpr". We could probably copy the code directly from
> glibc.

Best handled through a GNU .mo file.


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