[sigc] callbacks with std::auto_ptr by value


there are compile problems with std::auto_ptr.
The following code won't compile:

#include <memory>
#include <sigc++/functors/ptr_fun.h>

void test(std::auto_ptr<int>)

int main()
  std::auto_ptr<int> p;

  return 0;

If function arguments are passed by value then sigc internally creates a const std::auto_ptr& with the type_trait<std::auto_ptr>::take, but std::auto_ptr has a copy constructor that takes a nonconst argument:
auto_ptr& operator =(auto_ptr& nonconst);

A way to resolve this problem is to define a specialization of the type traits for std::auto_ptr:

namespace sigc

template<typename T>
struct type_trait<std::auto_ptr<T> >
  typedef std::auto_ptr<T>  type;
  // doesn't work with g++
  //typedef std::auto_ptr_ref<T> pass;
  //typedef std::auto_ptr_ref<T> take;
  typedef std::auto_ptr<T>& pass;
  typedef std::auto_ptr<T>& take;
  typedef std::auto_ptr<T>* pointer;

} // namespace sigc

Could this specialization be taken into sigc++?
What do you think?

Klaus Triendl

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