Re: [sigc] Statically linking in a closed-source app

> Hi all, it seems that my question comes hot on the heels of the
> licensing discussion held last month...
> I've hoping to use libsigc++ in a closed-source app and link it in
> statically, so that we can minimise the required dependencies.  I'd
> like to know if this is OK with people: I'm happy with releasing any
> changes we make to the libsigc++ source code or provide the compiled
> object files at some FTP site so that a user could theoretically swap
> out the libsigc++ implementation in the app with another one (good
> luck :),

This is theoretically not possible without the source for your application.

> but I don't know if you, the libsigc++ developers, are OK
> with that.
> Thanks!

This is not allowed, unless your application is open source (It probably
needs to be GPL, to be exact).

Other library licences, such as the MIT license allow this, but we don't
use that. Though it's nice that you'd like to give your improvements back,
I personally prefer to use a licence that forces you to.

For other readers, Yes, I know I need to deal with the LGPL templates
exception thing. I'll get around to it. I notice that nobody has objected
to the draft that was posted.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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