[sigc] libsigc++ 1.2.5 with Tru64 UNIX C++ compiler

Anyone achieve success building libsigc++ 1.2.5 with the Tru64 UNIX
C++ compiler?
  $ cxx -V
  Compaq C++ V6.5-040 for Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1 (Rev. 732)

I get the following error:
/bin/ksh ../libtool --mode=link cxx  -O2 -readonly_strings   -o hide_test  hide_test.o ../sigc++/libsigc-1.2.la 
cxx -O2 -readonly_strings -o .libs/hide_test hide_test.o  ../sigc++/.libs/libsigc-1.2.so -rpath /opt/TWWfsw/libsigc++12/lib
creating hide_test
cxx -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -I.. -I.. -I../sigc++/config    -O2 -readonly_strings -c -o method_slot_test.o `test -f 'method_slot_test.cc' || echo './'`method_slot_test.cc
cxx: Error: ../sigc++/method_slot.h, line 107: mangled name collision for
          template function instantiations with types
          "void (SigC::Slot1<void, Foo &> *, __ptr_mem)" and
          "void (SigC::Slot1<void, const Foo &> *, __ptr_mem)"
  slot(R (Obj::*method)() const)
cxx: Info: 1 error detected in the compilation of "method_slot_test.cc".

albert chin (china thewrittenword com)

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