Re: [sigc] ANNOUNCE: libsigc++ 1.9.12 (aka libsigc++ 2.0 beta 1)

Am 2003.11.10 23:24 schrieb(en) Martin Schulze:
Am 2003.11.10 10:50 schrieb(en) Roel Vanhout:
Ok I'm back from my week training so I had a chance to check 1.9.12 with Visual Studio.

First off, I could see in the changelog that the Visual Studio project files should be in 1.9.12 but they were not in the tarball that I downloaded. So I just copied over the old files that I had.

I didn't check this. Probably, Makefiles are needed in the
subdirectories that define EXTRA_DIST. I will add them later this
week unless somebody else provides a patch.

I've opened bug
because I don't have time these days.
The problems with the sigc::bind() function should have gone with
the latest commit to cvs.



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