Re: [sigc] How to use sigc::bind<>

Am 2003.11.09 17:10 schrieb(en) Jeff Franks:
Martin Schulze wrote:

1) It is a neat feature to able to specify the number of the argument
   to be fixed.
2) There _needs_ to be a magical number for # specifying that the
   the last argument should be fixed for convenience and for the case
   that the number of arguments is not known.

The current syntax is
"0" for the last argument,
"1" for the first,
"2" for the second,

The only alternative to the current syntax I see is to use
"-1" for the last argument,

Strangely enough, std::string defines ((size_t)-1) as npos, to imply the end of a string, so -1 does seem a natural choice.

The problem with this is that the number is mandatory so that you
needed to write sigc::bind<-1>(...) for the most common case.
Hm, does anybody find this worse than sigc::bind<0>(...)?


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