Re: [libcroco-list] Dependency among modules

Quoting Kang Jeong-Hee <Keizi mail co kr>:

> layeng has dependency upon seleng, right?
> With a temporary breakage of build of seleng,
> I tried to build libcroco turning off seleng.
> and layeng raise a breakage by seleng-dependency.

Well, the idea behind all this is that if you want 
the configure system to setup/check the dependencies for you,
you have to set the different enable-xxx options to "auto".

If you set them to something else, that means you know what you
are doing, and that implies that you are left on your own.
This is a sort of "power user" mode.
> I suppose that libcroco have to turn off layeng
> when seleng is off.

As a consequence of what I said above, if you turn something explicitely
off/on, it means you know what you are doing. The configure/build system
won't prevent you from anything. 

On the other hand, if you want the build/configure system to do some
dependency checks/choices for you, again, set the configure --enable-xxxx
options to "auto" .

This is a choice I have made.

I don't think I will change this unless you convince me with
strong arguments...



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