Re: [LIBART] Do you know AGG ?

In article <04d801c3ec83$1ef094e0$2301a8c0 BIGDELL>, Pierre Arnaud
<pierre arnaud opac ch> writes
>I had been using libart about a year ago, but then I ran into some numerical
>stability problems in the code. I tried fixing them but finally gave up as
>I discovered another library which seemed much more promising, and quite
>alive, called AGG, by Maxim Shemanarev (McSeem) :
>It is pure C++ with heavy use of templates and produces astonishingly
>good results. I can only encourage you to look at the samples which
>work both on Win32 and Linux.
>Currently, there is no available documentation that I am aware of (you
>might have a look at which contains some outdated docs).
>Hope this helps.
>    Pierre
....can only agree, we use libart in reportlab's pix map renderer, but
it behaves badly when doing things smaller than pixels; that can happen
when scaling etc are taken into account.
Robin Becker

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