ANNOUNCE: GNOME Platform Bindings 2.5.2

*** GNOME Platform Bindings

Here is another scheduled release of the GNOME Platform Bindings, 
which provide a GNOME development platform for programming languages 
other than C, in the style of those languages. This release set gives 
some bindings a schedule and rules to work within, so we can endorse 
those bindings. We very much hope that Linux distributions will 
therefore choose to distribute these bindings as a supported 
development platform.

For the GNOME 2.5/2.6 schedule, we have bindings for C++, Java, and Perl:

These bindings follow these rules:
and this schedule:

Note that those rules do not guarantee 100% API coverage, but they do 
guarantee API/ABI stability.

There are "Beta Bindings" for C#, which are likely to be on the full 
release schedule for GNOME 2.7/2.8. Note that other bindings exist: 
but they are not on this release schedule and they do not necessarily 
follow the same rules.

If you have questions about the GNOME Platform Bindings release set please 
send email to language-bindings gnome org  If you have questions about the 
individual bindings, please send email to their own mailing lists.
You can find links to the individual projects here:

*** Download

You can download source tarballs from

*** Changes

* C++ (gtkmm):

No changes. There are lots of improvements in cvs, but we are waiting 
for a GTK+ tarball release.

* Java (java-gnome):

- New Classes:
	Action (glue code and JNI)
	ActionGroup (glue code and JNI)
	Expander (glue code and JNI)
	UIManager(glue code and JNI)
- New Interfaces:
- Deprecated the following Classes/Interfaces:
- Added Event Handling for the following Classes:
- Tree and Text Widgets updated 
- Fixed problem with wrong version of gtkjava library being loaded.
- Various build system improvements and fixes

* Perl (gtk2-perl):

Gtk: fixes a few build issues for people upgrading from really old 
     gtk2-perl, or building against bleeding edge gtk+.
GladeXml: Only minor changes, mostly to the build setup.
Canvas: Beefed up test suite and several accompanying bugfixes.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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