[gtk2-perl] Glib 1.037, Gtk2 1.037

More unstable releases, preparing for the imminent API freeze.

Overview of Changes in Glib 1.037

* Added bindings for missing utility functions, with tests and doc:
  g_get_user_name, g_get_real_name, g_get_home_dir, g_get_tmp_dir,
  g_get_application_name, g_set_application_name.  [muppet]
* Decided on versioning API, implemented, used, and documented it. There's
  more documentation on the versioning stuff than code to implement it.
  New functions:  Glib->CHECK_VERSION, Glib::MAJOR_VERSION,
  Glib::MINOR_VERSION, Glib::MICRO_VERSION, Glib->check_version,
  Glib::major_version, Glib::minor_version, Glib::micro_version.
  [Ross, muppet]
* GPerlClosure's exception handlers no longer clobber $_.  [muppet]
* Add the ability to register new error domains and throw Glib::Errors from
  Perl.  New utility function, Glib::Error::matches (binding for
g_error_matches), makes it easy to test errors. New xs utility function
  for parsing a perl data structure into a GError.  [muppet]
* POD generation cleanups and fixes and enhancements.  [Ross]
  - Methods are now sorted for readability
  - Plain functions get proper non-method signatures
  - Hiding works better, more extensibly
  - Can now specify where in the file the POD should code.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.  [Torsten, Ross, muppet]

Overview of Changes in Gtk2 1.037

* Updated Glib requirement to 1.037.
* Decided on a versioning scheme, implemented it, and applied it.
http://lists.gnome.org/archives/gtk-perl-list/2004-February/ msg00085.html New functions: Gtk2->CHECK_VERSION, Gtk2::MAJOR_VERSION, Gtk2::MINOR_VERSION,
  Gtk2::MICRO_VERSION, Gtk2::major_version, Gtk2::minor_version,
  Gtk2::micro_version.  Change Gtk2::Pango::check_version to
  Gtk2::Pango::CHECK_VERSION.  [Ross, muppet]
* New functions, tracking HEAD:
* Added to parse_maps the ability to generate error domain registrations;
  use that for Gtk2's own error domains.  [muppet]
* Use a weakref rather than object data to keep Tooltips objects alive.
  [muppet, implementing yosh's suggestion]
* Pod fixes and enhancements.  [Ross]
* Fix up the license notifications in source files.  [Torsten]
* Minor bugfixes, corrections, and cleanups. [Torsten, Ross, muppet, Marc
* As always, more tests.  [Torsten]

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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