[gnome-bindings] more notes

In a previous message, I had said that some of the sections of the new
defs format (signal descriptions, property descriptions) were not
very useful to interpreted languages (which is why I haven't used them in
my defs files).

I suppose the easiest way to create this information is by writing a small
C program that queries gtk+ for the information and then writes it out in
the defs format.  The question is whether this is actually useful for
compiled language bindings?  Is it worth outputing this info in defs
format, or is it better to go to some other format (maybe directly to the
source code for the binding?)  How do the C++ binding authors plan to
handle this?

If even compiled language bindings don't use this information in the defs
file, then we may as well remove it from the specification (maybe with a
note about how the information can be retrieved from gtk).

I just remembered one thing that we talked about at the guadec bof that I
missed from the summary -- documentation for API writers, which we can
give to people writing libraries so they can write APIs that are easy to


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