Re: [jokosher-devel] Resolving and debugging recording problems inside Jokosher

Jono Bacon a écrit :
Hi all,

There are quite a few people who, for whatever reason have had
problems getting Jokosher to record something. The naturally first
line of support is to ensure everything is installed correctly, and we
also need to ensure they have got the correct sound card and inputs

There must be a way we can automate this process and provide some kind
of debugging information. I would love to see the user just click on a
button and it sends us some info that we can look at to help solve the

I think a key thing we need to be able to detect is the current sound
settings that are listed in the GNOME Volume Properties. A *lot* of
people don't realise that their mic and capture settings are often
muted. It would be useful to get this information.

This debug info should ideally be presented as a report that is simple
to view the details of the system - this way the Jokosher community
can use the report to help new users. We don't want the report to
*just* spit out meaningless babble that only developers can understand
- we want our support members of the community to be able to use it.

This really sounds like Extension material. :)

I would love to add some debugging functions to the API. Can someone who has a clue about alsa recording (ie not me), right down on the wiki a list of functions that a debugging extension would need to work properly? I imagine that a lot of the info Jono is talking about can be collected without the API at all be just importing gst and having your own script to check plugins and sound card settings.

For stuff that is Jokosher specific, what would be useful for a debugging tool. Also, is there anyway that we can give an extension *read only* access to the pipeline? It would be really useful to read what ever they like from our pipeline without allowing the extensions to screw around with it.

Please add any functions you would like Aq or I to implement here:


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