Re: [jokosher-devel] Pinging JokosherApp from Project?

Jono Bacon a écrit :
Hi all,

On a recent commit I added support to bus errors in a dialog. I
accentally stuck the dialog in Project, forgetting there should be no
GUI stuff in there. But, I can see no way to talk to
from Project. How do I do it?

There is only one way to do this currently. It is using StateChanged. Currently the OnStateChanged function in is used for updating window title and undo/redo menu entries when an undo is performed by Project. Using the change value with an enum on state change should suffice. Here are some other things that would benefit from communication (both of which are currently accomplished with hacks):

* Switch the menu entry when the transport mode changes
* Set cut, copy, paste, delete menu entries sensitive when instruments or events are selected.

There's probably something else I'm forgetting. If someone has a better idea than StateChanged() that keeps the separation between project and mainapp, please let me know.


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