Re: [jokosher-devel] art team structure

trin / oscar wrote:
i stumbled over this: when browsing through launchpad, and i realized that this is how i would want the art team to work. basically.

All the art that needs to be created or the art that people wants to be included in jokosher is put there (launchpad or another similar system).

Then it is labeled with severity or priority, a description, if it is finished or if it's just an idea that people want to share. For example if i would want an umbrella icon i would put it there and then on occasion it would be discused in the art team and with the rest of the community if it will be "approved for drafting" or similar.

When the icon is finished by whoever is doing it, it will be decided if the icon should be "approved for next version" or if the community doesn't like the icon they will tell the person making it to redo it and the icon in launchpad would again be put in a state of "approved for drafting" or "in progress".

(I'm sorry if I'm confusing you, i suck at explaining things)

what do you guys think?
// Oscar Carlstedt
Hi Oscar.
I personally find the methods of the ubuntu art-team to be a bit...bureaucratic. Lots of specs, discussions and stuff without any real results (yet). In the tango-community we have a more relaxed, laid back approach to artwork creation. Someone does a needed piece of artwork and then the maintainer includes it if it's good. Discussions are held on irc and the mailing-list (and you can keep track on what people are working on there as well, by asking them). For whole sets, like the tango-icon-theme, the gnome-icon-theme and tango-art-libre, we have put up lists of names of the needed icons and sync them with cvs [1], [2]. It works great for me, but if you feel the launchpad way works better, I could probably live with it.

- Andreas

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