Re: [jokosher-devel] instruments

phoscy gmail com a écrit :
I must say i that i have a very vague idea on what instruments we need
to create in the art team. I would like some kind of soulution where
people can suggest what icons (mainly instruments) that should be
made, and then the suggestions should be valutated in some way (a
system on how to decide which icons are gonna be in jokosher i guess).

Any ideas? Whats the current way of doing it? afaik there is now way
:P so please fill me in on this!

Since an instruments are just icons and a names, they way we do it now is that if someone wants an instrument in Jokosher, they create an icon (because naming is not the hard part). If they fail to make a tango compliant icon, or fail to convince someone else to, it doesnt get included. As simple as that! ;)


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