[DEPRECATED] EWMH/HIG minimize buttons

Am I right in assuming that the terms 'dialog' and 'utility window'
in the Gnome HIG correspond to the same terms used in the Extended 
Window Manager Hints standard?


If so, then the HIG's guidelines involving minimize buttons on those
windows can only be fulfilled by the window manager, as the app
developer and Gtk can only give hints regarding the window type.

But then, window managers should be tested /wrt the Gnome HIG and,
in particular, the creation of window decoration buttons should 
be part of the EWMH, subject to the guidelines in the Gnome HIG.

IOW, I'm calling for harmonization between EWMH and HIG. That this
is necessary is shown by the fact that, e.g., the Metacity WM is
deemed EWMH conformant but dialog window hints don't place a
minimize button on the window.


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