[DEPRECATED] 60+ Digital Channels PLUS Locals for $31.99 per month

Satellite TV Exclusive Time Sensitive Offer!   
See why thousands of people a day are just saying NO to cable! 
Cable rates got you down? Make your TV worth watching again
with our premium packages for a fraction of the cost of normal
cable television. With Satellite TV your options are open --
wide open -- you're able to enjoy the the quality only the
leader in high definition television providers can deliver.

Stop paying too much for access to a provider that doesn't
give you all your channels in high-definition! Satellite TV
provides you with all channels in beautiful, crisp, clear full

  Get over 60 all digital channels including local
  channels for only $31.99 

No Equipment to Buy
No Long Contract Commitments
No Additional Outlet Fees
Professional Installation on up to Four TVs
TV for the Whole House: 100% Digital Delivery, 100% of the Time 
Standard Equipment Warranty Included


If you'd like to never hear from us again, then proceed to this link. 

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