[DEPRECATED] The new file chooser

Some weeks ago i took up helper work for Mozilla.org's Bugzilla after the summer
vacation. The Mozilla suite and the Gimp are my two favourit apps on Linux, and
I've spend the better part of 5 years on voluntary work for Mozilla.org.

I was puzzled to find that the Gtk2 version now had a "filepicker" which I
barely could use: There was nowhere to paste or write in it! Then yesterday, I
built the devel version of Gimp and alas - the same file choose appeared there.

Usually, I copy/paste a file url from the URL bar in Mozilla to the filepicker.
Be it images or - when I upload something - the filenape i typed somewhere

Now I suddenly had to maneuver with innumerable clicks and drags - randomly up
and down as I nested my way to where the file in demand is located.

Someone told me that I can use Ctrl+L to trigger YET a file chooser, where I can
paste and type - it has an editor field.

Now.. I am - to say it midly - very disappointed by this new interface.
It hampers my workflow severely. Not even Microsoft has made a file interface 
that clunky - quite on the contrary: There the editor widget is promoted to the
top of file related windows.

And that is good and usable.

So I find myself - for the first time since I installed Linux 5 years ago -
using Windows lately. The new Gtk filechoose is such a giant step backwards, as
I see it.

I would like to know if there are plans to improve it - basically by
re-incorporating a text widget into it.

If not, I see myself forced away from using Linux.

Thanks for all good work so far.

Ruth Kristin Aanestad
rkaa @ netcom.no

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