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Market News Alerts - Stock Pick of the Year
Life Energy and Technology Holdings, Inc.

LETH has been burning up the charts over the last 3 weeks and is looking
more and more like one of those rare situations where the value of the
Company is forcing its way into the stock price. We are seeing continuous 
big-block buying from investors on a worldwide scope with average daily
trading volume up 10-fold (1,000%) over this recent period.

While investors around the globe have LETH on their radar, they are also
seeing the Company achieve record-breaking numbers with regard to sales,
profits, and delivery of their Biosphere Process System in more countries 
than ever before.

LETH Financial Summary:
Current Price: 2.50
Sales Orders Received '03: over $100 Million +300% growth vs. '02
Estimated Sales Orders '04: over $180 Million
Total Assets: $36.8 Million ($1.26 per share of assets)
Cash: $23.4 Million ($ .80 per share of cash)
Shares Outstanding: 29 million (down from 31.8 million) after 2.8 million 
shares retired in Feb. '04
Additional Shares to be Retired: 1.3 million per Company press release
Estimated Shares in Float: 7 million
Completed Biosphere Process Systems Now in Operation: 26
60-Day Price Target: 7.00 - 8.00
6-Month Price Target: 12.00 - 15.00

The Biosphere Process System - Soaring Worldwide Demand:

LETH is utilizing the unique proprietary technology of their Biosphere
Process System to generate revenue from the disposal of a wide variety of 
waste products at 5 to 7 tons per hour which makes a major impact on the
global waste problem. This profitable and environmentally safe process
converts into clean, "green" electricity such waste materials as Municipal
Solid Waste, agricultural wastes, forestry wastes, medical wastes, industrial
wastes, sewage sludge, shale oil, sour natural gas, and the huge market of
used tires. LETH profits from the sale of electricity created from the waste
conversion on a continuous basis by generating 5 to 10 mega-watts per hour
of electricity which is then sold to replenish the local or national grid.

The Biosphere Process succeeds in filling an urgent worldwide need for
cost-effective renewable energy sources and a corresponding universal need
to solve critical problems in the disposal of waste. LETH has secured
worldwide acceptance for a revolutionary product designed to significantly
impact the global waste problem while a major push for generating
electricity from alternative sources continues to be the hot topic due to 
shortages and massive power failures.

Record Backlog of Sales for LETH:

During the past year, over 20 Biosphere Process Systems have been ordered,
which upon completion represents a backlog exceeding over $100 Million in 
upcoming sales. Many of these contractual agreements include options for
the purchase of additional Biosphere Systems in the future once the initial
order has been completed. The options vary from hundreds to thousands of
units per contract which would send shockwaves through this low-float,
emerging industry leader at an average sale price of $7 Million per
Biosphere Process System!

Major Headlines and Highlights:
March 11, '04 - LETH retains Murdock Capital Partners, a 12 year-old, New 
York-based Corporate Communications firm to manage the Company's
Investor Relations Program. LETH President and CEO, Dr. Chris
McCormack, stated that a program which effectively communicates with
investors is of significant value as LETH will be establishing a major US 
presence with the upcoming installation of the first Biosphere Process
System at the Port of New Orleans early in the second quarter of 2004.

March 9, '04 - LETH Announces the Sale of Two (2) Biosphere Process
Systems to Procura International Limited for $14 Million with an Option for
the Sale of an Additional 98 Systems Over the Next 24 Months.

March 3, '04 - LETH Releases Major Product Delivery and Net Profit News
LETH delivered 12 Biosphere Process Systems which resulted in a net profit
of $3.5 Million, the equivalent of .12 cents per share. LETH is scheduled to
receive an additional $7 Million translating into an additional .24 cents per
share which is the balance of this completed contract over the next 6 months.
The net profit per share from just this single contract would value the stock
above $6 by calculating the .36 cents per share total at an average industry
PE of 18 - 22.

Feb. 27, '04 - LETH Enters Agreement to bring Biosphere Process System
into Russia's Third Largest City for Waste Recycling and Conversion into
Energy Production.

Feb. 13, '04: LETH Reports the Retirement of 2.8 Million Shares and
Intends to Retire an Additional 1.3 Million for a Total of 4.1 Million.

Jan. 23, '04: LETH 10Q Reports Assets at $36.8 Million vs. $16.8 Million; 
Cash at $23.4 Million vs. Deficit.

LETH's Blue Chip Partner - Fortifying the System:

LETH is an alliance partner with Tetra Tech, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTEK, $20) a
leader and one of the largest providers in environmental, mechanical, and 
electrical management consulting services primarily for the US Government 
with annual sales of $800 Million. Tetra Tech will coordinate the securing of
necessary permits, installation, and continuous worldwide monitoring of the
Biosphere Process System for LETH. Tetra Tech is now in the process of
obtaining Department of Environmental Quality permitting for the
Biosphere Process in the state of Louisiana. This is a monumental event for
LETH which opens the floodgates for major project revenues in Louisiana
while having a parallel effect on LETH stock in the form of a huge near-
term announcement.

Political Power Fosters Rapid Global Expansion:

LETH has captured the profit-making attention of both US and international
investors by embracing a major foothold on the global waste problem as
well as the urgent need to generate electricity from alternative sources. This
has been accomplished by successfully creating major inroads to all corners
of the globe through the political contacts at the highest level from Dr. 
Albert Reynolds, Chairman of LETH, who is also the former Prime Minister
of Ireland. Dr. Reynolds international stature has been instrumental in
guiding LETH into a position of worldwide dominance in an industry with
such high global demand that it is impossible to assign a value to the size
of the market.

Uncommon Value for a Company of this Caliber:

We are witnessing a breakout year in the making judging by the frequency
of recently announced sales contracts for the Biosphere, the impressive
backlog of over $100 Million in sales orders, and the Company's very solid
financial position. We view this perfectly timed convergence of events as the
catalyst for additional contracts that will perpetuate the shattering of the
Company's own sales records. As our Stock Pick of the Year, we anticipate 
the continuation of strong positive developments that will ignite LETH
shares which carry our highest rating for short-term trading profits followed
by robust long-term capital gains.

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