>   I decided to get in contact with you for a business proposal.
My name is James Braithwaite, a farmer in HARARE (ZIMBABAWE). I got to
know of you from the annual report of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. And from indications, you are broad in business managements, for which I need your assistance to some investments and guide me into the business world.
>   For the present repression by President Robert Mugabe on white
farmers in Zimbabwe, I decided to sell my farms and go into other investments and businesses in Europe or any part of the World. I would like to let you know that I have been able to realize the sum of US$10.000.000 (Ten million United States Dollars) from the sales of my farms, which I would like you to help me put into investments. I have my lawyer Mr. Glen Bates in Europe at the moment, who can meet with you on my behalf to formalize arrangements for the money to be transfered to where-ever you decides, if you accept my proposal and we come to an agreement as partners. You should reply to my e-mail, braithwaite whipmail com And my lawyer will get in contact with you for details. This issue is very personal and confidential.
>   However, you should know that I have a good percentage offer of the total money for you at the conclusion of the transaction, and 5% of
the total money is set aside for expenses during the process. Your
>recommendations and opinion is welcomed.
>       Expecting to hear from you,
>       Sincerely,
>       James Braithwaite

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