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My name is Mohit.  I have few queries for Gnome, pls answer these to help me understand Gnome better.
  1. Pls send me a screen print of how my desktop will look with Gnome
  2. Is Gnome an OS like Windows?
  3. Can I have an interactive desktop agent in Gnome - pls understand that I am looking for an animated agent that I can work with and which can perform tasks like search in my PC and net.  Other tasks like computing, understanding and executing verbal commands etc.  (Is this too big a demand)
  4. Can I have both Windows and Gnome on my PC at same time?
  5. What applications are available with Gnome (like in Windows there is Excel, ppt, word etc.)
  6. If point 3 is possible then can someone help me design it?

The answers will help me a lot, thanks in advance.




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