[DEPRECATED] Accept Electronic Checks Now!

Dear Non Profit Organization,

Do you need to accept Electronic Checks (ACH) through your website or business?

If you have considered this or are just thinking about it. Boy, do we have what you need!

Discover how you can accept Electronic Check Cash Transacations (ACH) from any website
and from anywhere in the world quickly, inexpensively and without the need to purchase
costly software.

**Brand New** proprietary software system allows you to get set-up to process ACH check
transactions in as little as 1 hour and be able to make debits or credits to any 
checking/savings account 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Until now the process for getting 
set-up to take electronic check transactions has been time consuming, costly and very confusing. 
Our company offers you the easiest, fastest and most inexpensive way to set you up to process 
ACH transactions from any website any where in the world. Our proprietary software simply allows 
you to login to your MERCHANT MANAGER from any web browser anywhere in the world and:

-Process debits to any checking account
-Process credits (Make payments) to any checking account
-Do recurring billing for on going paying customers
-Run complete transaction history reports including:
 and returns
-Monitor potential risky transactions
-Funds are automatically deposited into your checking account
 in less than 72 hours!
and much much more...

If you have ever needed a simple, effective and unique way to process electronic check transactions
our software, service and support is an absolute must for you.

Merchants are now moving to ACH over all methods of payments. Our company can make
this process simple and easy to get you started and get you paid.

To learn more about this special offer for your software simply call

                            1.888.366.0332 option 1

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