[DEPRECATED] Operations Position RESUME here, anytime, anyplace, most anything

Dear Professional, visited your website and wanted to send my resume. It will only happen once
thank you for your time.
Application with maximum effort and fair pay...all else is open.....thanks again.
can travel and apply long hours........

Lance Lawson
209 544 0518
Modesto CA
Objective:    Operations Position. Availability for travel - long hours.....
Summary of skills and accomplishments ...see website for my 100+ examples in OM, MIS
and Engineering.
* CSUS BS Business Administration: dual, Computer Information Systems and Operations
Management. 1997
* A.S. Degree Engineering. AutoCAD, ACT! WinFax, Microsoft Project, Office, management
science s/w.
* CSUS MBA coursework in marketing and global operations completed. Executive
training on my website.
* State Licensed Instructor: Microcomputer applications, Network Technical Support and
Computer Technology. Job Placement, course development for accredited school.
Purchasing, networking, and maintenance of 65 IBM compatible computers, peripherals,
software applications. Marketing and Administration reports. School growth seven fold in
three years. Management reports and director assisting. No sick days in five years.
Overtime including evenings - weekends.
* Office Depot department operations. Sales of office equipment-computer products.
Goals met at half time. Training.
* 6 years Industrial fabrication-construction. HVAC-Mechanical contractors: Industrial and
Millwright Journeyman.
Worked at industrial jobsites in central California. Food processors, wineries,
manufacturers. Shop-Field, one-year estimator and project manager assistant. Increase of
sub bids by three times. Production layout and optimization.
* Computer Certifications: Microsoft MCP, CompTIA A+ (tech), Network+ (networking),
I-NET+ (Internet). Systems.
* Certified Personal Trainer. Red Cross: CPR-1st Aid, Disaster, mass care, logistics,
liaison, and EOC training received.
* 5 years Hospitality industry in kitchen, front desk and food serving positions. Hotel
maintenance and customer support.
* 2002 college works in Psychology, Supervision, and Library Research Strategies. 2003
computer server+ exam studies.
* Home office-network with computer applications, peripherals, information systems, and
broadband connectivity.
Work Experience:
3/98-2/03         Operations assistant / Instructor / Placement. Community Business College,
Modesto, CA. Business development.
* Training in Windows 95-XP, MS Office Pro 95-XP. Computer Technician (A+) Instructor.
Medical Manager software.
* Database development, tests development-grading. Student interviews-recruitment
methods. Development of 500-700 hour courses for certification. Student counseling.
Student aide supervision and scheduling. Senior instructor.
* Placement director, development resulting in up to 23 placements a month. Customized
training programs. Diversity.
* Seminars in teaching, customer service and computer applications attended. Analysis of
student potential and planning.
* State Assembly (CA) recognition for services rendered. Strategic planning and process
automation. Facility support.
* Team member and leader. Special assignments in operations and during crises.
Systems engineering-support.
3/97-2/98         Operations assistant. General Engineering Contractor. D & M Hancock, Inc.
Modesto, CA. Journeyman.
* Estimator assistant. Sourcing, purchasing, and proposal writing. Office computer support,
programming and research.
* Working with superintendents, suppliers, subs and union journeyman in shop-field
operations. Industrial engineering.
* Increase of sub contractor response and design of computer system for optimization.
Millwright local 102, Oakland CA.
4/92-Present.   Owner. Lawson Computing.  Consulting and training, Modesto, CA.
Management consulting and sales-support.
* Analysis, training and support of microcomputer applications and hardware/software for
business. 24 hr availability.
* Owners needs, information systems, technical support, sales, programming, repair,
systems analysis and design.
7/90-4/92        Department operations, Office Club-Depot. Modesto, CA. Management
support and computer operations, AS/400.
* Computer-Electronic department operations, management support-sales of 3300
products. Retailing of products.
* Store setup and opening, corporate sales support. Computer support specialist.
Systems analysis and installations.
12/87-7/90      Management. Store Operation. Future Communications Company. Modesto,
CA. Operations manager.
* Computer sales and service. CADD and digitizing. Purchasing, crew deployment and
technical support.
6/81-10/87      Industrial Journeyman, Sheet Metal Union local 162. Industrial fabrication.
Central valley, CA. Manufacturing.
* Fabrication, assembly, installation of products for industry. Structural, conveyors,
packaging, bottling, platforms, food processing equipment. Plant-manufactures moves,
rebuilds and new construction. Shears, Press brakes, ironworkers, rolls, welders, cutters,
cranes. Metals, alloys and plastics. ~ Gallo Wineries-Glass, Hershey, P & G, Pirelli,
Carnation, S&W, Del Monte, Dow Chemical, Shell, Texaco. Aggregate and cogen plants.
Shop-field work. Tool room clerk, fleet maintenance and transportation of equipment.
Paint-Prep. Inventory and material organization and management.
2/75-5/81       Restaurant-Hotel experience. Holiday Inn, Big Yellow House, steak house
and continental restaurant.
* Dishwasher, Busboy, prep cook, pantry, bellhop and waiter. Banquets and servings for six hundred.
Customer services.

removal Lawsoncomputing com
ps...don't bother.......thanks.....

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