[HIG] Reconsidering the frame styles; GTK bold style

I read in the HIG that you advise programmers to not use the old style of
"boxed" frames:
I agree that overusing this widget it really makes the UI boxy and more
involved than it really is.
But in the cases where the boxes need to be next to each other, I prefer the
box solution as it makes easier to distinguish what belongs to what.
How possible would it be to alter the HIG to offer the ability to devs to
use the older box frame, but only on cases where clarity is an issue,
especially when boxes are horizontally next to each other? Mac OS X allows
both (header type and box type) and it really doesn't look inconsistent at
all !
Please consult my mockup here: http://img.osnews.com/img/3721/hig.png
Which one of the two do you prefer?

BTW, is it possible the GTK+ guys to allow bold in the tabs? Even if that
might be just a theme option (there is no way to do it currently without
patching GTK+ itself), I believe it is nice to have the same size bold fonts
for buttons, headers, boxes and tabs. It adds clarity. One of my big beefs
with current Gnome is that everything has the same style fonts: widgets and
application text. I would prefer a bump up on widgets like tabs, headers and
buttons with some bolding... For that to be more consistent, GTK+ should
offer this by default IMHO. What do you think?

Best Regards,

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