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I am currently working on a glade plugin for anjuta2,
and was looking at the toolbox section of the HIG. I
think it is a very good concept. However I also think
it is missing some things. I know that it says that
sections of buttons should be 16 or smaller, but there
are situations where button groups can't be that
small, like a diagram creator. When that is the case,
your current recomendations would require a user to
that needs access to several button groups to either
leave them expanded and scroll to get at them, or to
have to collapse one group to get to another due to
lack of screen real estate. This is why i would like
to present a sliding toolbox, such as the one used in
Mozilla's Sidebar, MS Outlook (i know these 2 are not
used as a toolbar in this sense, they are just
familiar apps with the functionality) or MS Visio ( a
good example of how the current recomendation could be
cumbersome to an end user ). These examples not only
show the sliding toolbar concept but also show
situations where this user interface can provide
consistancy in areas other than the toolbar itself, 

Charles W. Lambert
email: cwlambert76 yahoo com

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