[HIG] shouldn't action-area-border of GtkDialogs be 6 by default?

Hi there!
I suppose and even hope this proposal will lead to some controversial
debates. As you may know we need such debates to push GTK+/GNOME
forward. Here it comes:
The HIG suggests to use multiples of 6 for spacing inside alerts [1].
Having a border of 5 requires us to use ugly odd numbers for aligning
the inner widgets (action area and other elements the dialog's vbox
contains) correctly which means according to the HIG. To get a border of
12 around and between the action area and any other widget placed in the
dialog's vbox without having to change code (aka use glade to create the
dialogs which is mostly used to build GNOME applications), we would have
to set the window's border to 7, the above widget's border to 5 and add
a spacing of 2 px to the dialog's vbox. An alternative would be to
change code: You could just change the aarea's border to 6 but doing
that for each dialog is very hackish and definitly not a clean solution.
What the HIG says should be the default behaviour, and even if some
people may proclaim that HIG and GTK+ don't have anything to do with
each other, the HIGs suggestions and GTK's behaviour should match by
I know that changing such a fundamental behaviour will at first lead to
many "destroyed" (aka mislayouted) dialogs but in the long-term it will
hopefully prettify and higify standard GTK+ dialogs.


[1] http://developer.gnome.org/projects/gup/hig/1.0/windows.html#alert-spacing

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