Re: [HIG] keyboard shortcut

Oh, nobody answered this one, did they...

On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 11:53, David Smeringe wrote:

> The current HIG draft says that Ctrl-F is to be used for "Search" and
> Ctrl-G for "Search again". What would then "go to line.." be? At least
> in my humble opininion, it's of good use to have a shortcut for the "go
> to line.." command, and the most intuitiv (for me at least) is Ctrl-G.
> But that's taken by Ctrl-G (why Ctrl-G?). 

We chose Ctrl-G because it's already fairly commonly used in other apps
on various platforms.  I don't know why it became common, but I presume
it's just because it means the shortcuts for Find, Again, Replace are
^F, ^G, ^H, which is quite neat...

> What about having Ctrl-Alt-F
> for search again (couldn't find it to be used..)?.

Shift-Ctrl-F would probably be a more HIG-compliant shortcut (Shift is
supposed to 'reverse or extend' the effect of another shortcut), but I
dunno if it's worth breaking the F-G-H model for... anyone have strong
opinions either way?  I know Greg is of the opinion that "Find" and
"Replace" shouldn't require separate dialogs anyway, so the F-G-H thing
would go away anyway if we did that...


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