Re: [HIG] Specifying the desktop as user space only

That's a great idea. I have always thought that too, and I think its
worth putting in the HIG. A great example of this, IMO, is that Mac
users actually USE their desktops (traditionally Mac apps do not add
launchers to the desktop, though a few misbehaved ones do)... Whereas
most of the windows users I have observed don't really "own" their
desktops. Its just a collection of launchers that have acrued and most
people tell me they don't remove them because they might "someday" want
them. But I rarely see them use them because its become so cluttered its
hard to find items.


On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 20:54, Dave Bordoley wrote:
> This relates to chapter 2 -- desktop integration:
> I would like to suggest that we explicitly ban apps from adding icons
> for launchers etc. to the desktop directory and thus proclaim this area
> of the screen user space only. This hasn't been a problem to date as far
> as I know, but in the future this may become an issue (the situation on
> windows showcases how terrible this could become).
> dave
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