Re: [HIG] GError and error alerts

On Sat, 2002-10-19 at 22:53, Gregory Merchan wrote:
> GLib has error reporting functions in the GError API. Part of the GError
> struct is a message which the API documentation states is a "human-readable
> informative error message."
> Alerts are supposed to include primary and secondary text. It would be nice
> if the GError messages were suitable for one of these, and to know for which.
> A string freeze is approaching, but perhaps by 3.0 a review of the GError
> messages can be done with error alerts in mind.
> Perhaps also, when the HIG is reviewed for code-friendliness, some mention
> of GError message formating can be made.

Greg raises a really good point... How about it guys, is there any way
to get something like this in?


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