[HIG] Visual layout section

Some hackers have expressed concern about the fact that the HIGs current
recommendation for dialog layout is virtually unimplementable without
bad hacks (like using text boxes to fake the spacing etc.).[1]
We really do need a widget for this, so that it is easy to maintain etc.
The current hack is really bad as it requires every app to be
individually fixed in the event that we change the recommendation.  Have
we filed a gtk bug for such a widget? Should we add a note to this
section that the current layout is subject to change and that the old
layout can be used for the time being until a widget does exist?

dave [2]

[1] I had a few problems when trying to use the new layout for the
nautilus prefs dialog Jan and I are working on.
[2] I'm sure I've left out lots of relevant details, but someone more
knowledgeable on the technical stuff should comment on that end.

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