Re: [HIG] [Fwd: f9 keybinding]

On Tue, 2002-10-01 at 01:18, Seth Nickell wrote:

> User-defining of function keys seems like a cool/desirable thing. If we
> want that, we should say it, and generally push for it. We'd need a
> standard way of assigning them, etc. It'd also probably mean dropping
> some existing things that function keys might be commonly used for
> (isn't save on one, or something  ??).

It could certainly cause a few problems, yes: currently F1 is used for
menu/tooltip things, F8 cycles keyboard focus between splitter bars in
the current context, and F10 is used for menu things.  These are all
pretty much inter-desktop standards (apart from F8, perhaps, although
this is what Java uses; I'm just not aware of any other toolkits that
let you move splitter bars from the keyboard).

All the others are free though :)

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