[HIG] english language usage in the HIG

i noticed something while comparing Dia to the HIG

as far as i can tell i am reading a current version of the HIG

this mays seem a bit pedantic but it confused me just long enough to break
my train of thought ...
on the page at the link above there is the sentence

"Ergo, Save Print Send - local (disk), local or remote (printer), remote
(someone else)"

I am fairly sure i read on the gnome documentation list or in my studies
that Latinate terms such as Ergo, I.E., N.B., etc., et cetera should be
avoided, and esoteric (s/esoteric/strange) words may confuse
non-native English speakers.

so the word "therefore" should probably be used instead of Ergo the
I will file this in bugzilla if necessary (but i would really prefer not
to have to for such a small detail)

i also just noticed that at the bottom of the web page
it says last modified @last_modified@
which i would geuss is an error


Alan Horkan

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