[HIG] Re: [Usability] Re: Decision: instant apply window buttons

On Fri, Jan 25, 2002 at 07:03:12PM -0800, Ben Ford wrote:
> Gregory Merchan wrote:
> >Briefly:
> >Settings windows should be type NORMAL and not resizeable.
> >
> I must chime in that I find non-resizeable windows highly annoying. 
> Especially if you end up on a lower resolution machine and the damn 
> thing won't fit on your screen.  If you can't resize it (and if the 
> window doesn't handle resizing appropriately) then you're stuffed.
> This has happened to me personally several times in the last few months. 
> Gnome apps use HUGE property dialogs.
> -b

One of the HIG reviewers stated:
 | 3.  Utility Windows - Why does the list of frame commands for a
 | Property window and a Preferences window include Maximize?  I would
 | expect the normal size of these types of window to be large enough
 | for all of its contents visible without having to resize or maximize.
 | Recommend deleting Maximize from the command lists.

I concurred but didn't get to changing this before quitting the HIG, so
last I checked only dialogs (and alerts) are listed as non-resizable there.

Instant-apply windows were lumped under Utility windows, but were to be moved.
Now I imagine they must be moved or simply omitted and the description
of dialogs changed to allow for these new dialogs that violate the general
rule that a dialog contains a copy of data not the actual data. [1]

In any case, the objections to non-resizable whatchamacallits thusfar miss
the real problems:
  * Poor data selection and presentation making size increases needed.
    E.g., unfiltered file selectors with poor navigation by any device.
  * Too many options inappropriately grouped make the minimum size too large.
    E.g., the miscellaneous group of Sawfish options.

Perhaps the way to make everyone happy is to advise, "fork early, fork often".

Greg Merchan

[1] GUI Bloopers by Jeff Johnson
    Chapter 5 - Interaction Bloopers
      Section 4 - Diabolical dialog boxes


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